Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pantry Makeover

So I took a minor (slash really long) hiatus from blogging. After I lost Gracie I just didn't really feel like blogging about anything but since I've been traveling so much this year, I need a place to photo dump so I'm not posting a million instagram photos a day. So I'm back and I have a ton of stuff I'm looking forward to posting including my latest trips this year (to Vegas, Connecticut, New York, just got back from Colorado for a wedding, and Chicago in two weeks!) along with some crafts I've been working on, my mantle decorations, chalkboard wall drawings and a little party I'm throwing next week.

Lately my guilty obsession is the blog, iheartorganizing. Everything on there is amazing and over-the-top. Every time I go there I realize I'm not nearly as organized as I thought and Jason rolls his eyes when I come home from work on a mission to organize the tiniest minutia of my apartment, but I can't help it!

In January, the blog featured how to organize your office space- I'll do a post on what I did for that later. And last month, they featured how to clean up a cluttered kitchen. My pantry wasn't that bad since I don't cook- I should probably just start storing shoes in there- but nevertheless I decided to give it a try. Oh, and please don't judge that I have more dog food than people food, thanks.

I bought a few containers from the dollar store, and the madre donated the green boxes. I made the labels out of contact paper that I used to line the back of my bookshelves in my living room (I guess that can be another post too) and then I just traced the circles, cut them out and used a sharpie to write in what the container holds.

I keep thinking about how AshLee from the Bachelor (the girl that went psycho on Sean when he didn't give her a rose) is a professional organizer. Sounds like such a silly job but I'm secretly coveting the idea of being able to organize and make things pretty all day long!

You can find my post linked up HERE on iheartorganizing and HERE on Fox Hollow Cottage! That's all for now. Glad to be back :)

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