Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Finale Party

Last night was the final episode of The Bachelor which means bummer, no more shirtless Sean every week (sorry Jason you look amazing without a shirt on too, you just don't do it on national television!) To celebrate the end of this season and say goodbye to using Mondays as an excuse to get together and gossip about all the crazies on the show, I threw a little girls only get together with wine and cheese and our guilty indulgence, The Bachelor. Even though most of my friends knew the winner was since the first episode- thanks internet- it was still fun to see if he was going to propose, how the other girl would react (way to fight those tears girl!) and also to count how many times Sean would take his shirt off- hey, somebody's gotta do it.  I heard Sean is going to be on Dancing with the Stars now, ladies, should we keep on a Sean roll and move our girls nights from The Bachelor to Dancing with the Stars?

And now it's time for pictures from the party... Ooh, and scroll below to find the new couple's instagram accounts so you can continue to follow/stalk them.
Sean greeted everyone at the door of course
 Here was the cheese platter before...
 An the cheese platter after... (clearly nobody liked it)
Chloe wore her red rose that her grandma made for her that snaps onto her collar in honor of Sean's big decision. There were no old people or babies watching with us so Chloe had a good time (she also doesn't like; curly hair, hats or my friend Paige haha sorry Paige!)
I found these little suit goody bags at the Dollar Tree and it reminded me of this blogger, Love Actually, so I followed "suit" and filled mine with Ring Pops too. Thanks to Life, Design and the Pursuit of Craftiness for the awesome roundup of Bachelor Finale Party ideas!
 I also got the cute idea to print out Bachelor applications from Entertaining Life.
That about wraps it up for my Bachelor Finale Party hope you liked it! Were you happy with who he picked?

You can follow Sean and his new fiancee (weird) on instagram at @seanloweksu @clmgiudici


  1. So cute! I love every little detail.

  2. Jenni, thank you so much for the feature! I'm going to share it today :)